Lettuce Wraps!

We are trying our hand at growing lettuce this year. I was hopeful that growing our own would provide a continuous stream of fresh lettuce and have been quite satisfied thus far. It’s super easy to grow! What’s super awesome is that we can always have a variety of lettuce in our salads since we are growing 3 different kinds and since I am harvesting a handful or two of leaves every day, it’s a manageable amount that doesn’t go to waste. I was also excited to have a steady stream of lettuce leaves to make lettuce wraps with for lunches. I have been pairing my fresh lettuce with chicken salad, one of my favorite lunch treats. Using leftover chopped up chicken with whatever else I can find in the fridge, I have made a few different kinds of chicken salad for delicious and healthy lunches.

I don’t have a particular recipe for chicken salad. It usually consists of some leftover baked or grilled chicken, some sort of sweet-tasting fruit like grapes, blueberries, strawberries, and/or apples, chopped pecans, and some sort of crunchy veggies – celery, carrots, and/or green onions. You can also add hard-boiled eggs or avocado for some creaminess. I also tend to add a small amount of mayo dressing (miracle whip, a pinch of sugar or honey, and a little splash of milk, I even added a little Siracha the last time to give it some spice) to tie everything together. I love the crunchy texture, wrapping it in a lettuce leaf just adds another layer of crunch!



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